Building skills and confidence that lead to a lifetime of physical activity and wellness!

The Challenge

Create the Mini Camp Concept.

Mini-Camps are held throughout the summer. They are offered in one- or two-week sessions, so you can sign up for several camps to create a summer custom-fit for your child’s interests.

Goals to achieve:

  • Enhance engagement of members around sports club activities
  • Promote youth participation in sports
  • Provide playground to test youngsters’ own sport skills
  • Promote the importance of exercise and sports activities for achieving a healthy lifestyle
  • Educate kids and their parents about health and nutritional habits

The Solution

Ecali club Sports Summer Camp provides a combination of both planned and optional activities to give youngsters exposure to a variety of sports and recreational activities. Our enthusiastic and experienced counselors, guide this multi-sport camp to provide a safe and fun environment for youngsters to play sports they already enjoy as well as try new activities.

  • Main activities
  • Main Sessions (within the club)
  • Main Sessions (outside the club)
  • Possible Side activities: